Ziamond specializes in the finest high quality lab-grown diamond simulant cubic zirconia jewelry set in 14k gold, 18k gold and precious platinum. All Ziamond cubic zirconia and gem simulants are strictly the finest man made gems available today and come with the Ziamond Lifetime Guarantee. Ziamond has both the technical and artistic skills to accomplish any jewelry design. Ziamond's staff has a total of over 150 years combined fine jewelry experience, assuring our customers the attention to detail, quality design and craftsmanship associated with any fine jeweler. We look forward to helping you experience Ziamond. Once you do, you will see why Ziamond is a leader in it's field.

What we do... At Ziamond you can experience all the pleasures of fine jewelry at a mere fraction of the cost. Enjoy the confidence of wearing exceptional quality diamond look jewelry without the exorbitant mined diamond prices. Ziamond designs feature only the finest lab created man made gems set in exquisite diamond quality mountings, made of the most precious metals available, 14K and 18K solid gold along with the rarest and purest of all, Platinum!

Our business history... The staff at Ziamond has a combined total of over 150 years of fine jewelry experience. Our knowledge and expertise provides our customers the extra edge needed in making sure that our mined diamond alternative creations are the finest available anywhere. Our lab-grown diamond look cubic zirconia jewelry is comparable to any piece of fine mine diamond jewelry available anywhere, and we welcome that comparison.

What makes Ziamond unique? Ziamond specializes in the finest cubic zirconia jewelry inspired by mined diamond and precious gem jewelry. Ziamond is also on the cutting edge of design with our own exclusive styles. Ziamond's attention to details and commitment to quality is second to none. We do not cut any corners. On the contrary, we focus on the details and go the extra mile to ensure our jewelry creations are the finest available. In many cases, a Ziamond design will exceed in quality and design elements found in traditional pieces of fine diamond jewelry.

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