Added Value

You gain so much value when purchasing a Ziamond. You will typically save thousands of dollars when compared to buying the same item with natural mined diamonds, providing you with more purchasing power that you can put towards other wants and needs in your everyday life. Wear your Ziamonds with pride and confidence, knowing they have a lifetime warranty and are the finest diamond alternatives, set in precious metals like solid gold, and rare platinum.

Finest Diamond Alternative

Ziamond gems are manufactured from the finest rough materials, assuring you the best lab-created diamond alternative cubic zirconia. Each laboratory-grown diamond simulant is then hand cut and hand polished, by diamond cutters to fine diamond specifications, releasing maximum fire, brilliance, refraction, and dispersion. The color, cut, and clarity of a Ziamond is on par with only the highest tier on the diamond grading scale, comparable to D in color and flawless clarity. Clean and wear exactly like a diamond and all with a lifetime warranty.    

Lifetime Warranty

Enjoy wearing your Ziamond jewelry daily knowing our stones are covered by our Lifetime Warranty, against cracking, scratching, chipping or losing color under normal wear. Wear and clean your Ziamond jewelry just like fine diamond jewelry. In addition, all our jewelry mountings are covered by our extensive one-year jewelry warranty, against any manufacturing defects.

Made By Ziamond

The benefits you gain buying directly from the designer and manufacturer of your jewelry are immense. Ziamond not only designs and manufactures all our jewelry, but we are also here for any future servicing needs. Based in the USA, our team of fantastic craftsmen have extensive fine jewelry experience from across the fine jewelry spectrum, assuring you deep industry knowledge and high-quality workmanship. 

At Your Service

We are here for you! Our team is here to assist you in so many ways, whether it be for questions before you buy, inquiries during your order production, or service you may require years after your purchase. Our Customer Service Department is available via phone, live chat, email, text messaging, and even on social media. You can even speak to members of our design and production teams for any technical questions you may have, they are a wealth of knowledge and experience. Contact us, we are always accessible and available.   

Custom Design Services

You are entitled to have the jewelry design of your dreams. At Ziamond you are not limited to the jewelry styles we display on our website. We are custom design specialists, with the technical know-how and talent to produce the designs you have been dreaming of. Our designers are accessible and available to discuss your thoughts, answer questions, and provide suggestions. You can even commission us to have a stone cut to the dimensions you require with our custom stone cutting services.

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