Our Gems & Jewelry

Discover why Ziamond is considered by many to be the leader in our industry for producing the finest lab-created diamond simulant cubic zirconia jewelry in precious metals, like 14k solid gold, 18k solid gold, and precious platinum. We combine these fine laboratory-grown diamond simulants and gemstone alternatives, along with world-class jewelry craftsmanship, to deliver a superbly designed and crafted piece of jewelry that will rival any piece of genuine diamond and gemstone jewelry from top fine jewelry designers. All at a fraction of the price and with a lifetime gemstone warranty.

lab created white diamond simulants in round, cushion cut, asscher cut, princess cut, emerald cut and heart shapes

Finest Diamond Simulants

Ziamond is well known for providing the finest lab created diamond simulant cubic zirconia available. We provide a wide selection of lab-grown diamond alternatives that range in color from colorless white diamond look stones to intense vivid canary yellow diamond look stones, to vibrant pink diamond look stones. All at a mere fraction of the cost of genuine mined diamonds with perfect cut, color, symmetry, faceting, and polish. Each Ziamond lab grown diamond look cubic zirconia can be worn daily, cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner and comes with a lifetime warranty guaranteeing brilliance and luster.  

Highest Quality Man Made Gems

The top tier of the colored gemstone world are the Precious Gems. Precious gems are traditionally considered to be the ruby, sapphire, and emerald. Ziamond provides a wide selection of man-made lab created precious gems alternatives for red ruby, blue sapphire, and green emeralds. The color saturations are superb, the cut and faceting maximize the colors and depth of each individual stone. Ziamond's man made gems coupled with our lab created diamond simulant cubic zirconia are all set in fine jewelry quality mountings that are made of precious metals like 14k, 18k solid gold and platinum.  With their superb durability and hardness, each Ziamond lab created man-made gem can be worn daily, cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner and covered by our lifetime warranty guaranteeing years of pleasure and enjoyment.  

lab created white diamond simulants in round, cushion cut, asscher cut, princess cut, emerald cut and heart shapes

Jewelry By Ziamond

Wouldn't we all love to shop for the jewelry of our dreams without the restraint of a budget? Imagine having access to jewelry that looks exactly like the ones of your dreams, and no one could tell the difference between the Ziamond and the diamond piece. Both have superior shine, brilliance, and luster, both are set in precious metals with top-quality craftsmanship. Well, at Ziamond we bring you that look and feel of world-class fine jewelry that would be set with the finest color and clarity of diamonds and gemstones without the exorbitant prices. Shop our jewelry with confidence, knowing we have some of the most talented designers and jewelers in the industry that use the finest materials and technology.   

Lifetime Stone Warranty

Wear your Ziamond with confidence. Our stones are covered by an extensive Lifetime Stone Warranty. All Ziamond stones are guaranteed, to the original purchaser, against cracking, scratching, chipping, losing color or brilliance under normal wear. You can wear your jewelry daily and clean it with regular jewelry cleaner, just like genuine diamonds. While this is a brief summary of our lifetime warranty, click below to learn more and read the complete details.

Care & Cleaning

Your Ziamond jewelry can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner, just like you would clean your diamond jewelry. We suggest using the same cleaner intended to clean diamonds due to its ability to cut through oils and residue that can build up on your stones through daily wear. Diamonds, as well as Ziamonds, have an affinity for moisture, so getting into a good jewelry hygiene routine will only benefit you and your jewelry. Cleaning your jewelry regularly will maintain the original beauty and luster of your stones, and precious metals. Click below to learn more about how to clean your Ziamonds.

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