Diamond Look Cubic Zirconia Loose Stones
Canary Diamond Look Cubic Zirconia Loose Stones
Pink diamond look lab created cubic zirconia loose stones assorted shapes
Pink Diamond Look Cubic Zirconia Loose Stones
Ruby Lab Created Loose Stones
Sapphire Lab Created Loose Stones
Emerald Lab Created Loose Stones
Ziamond is proud to showcase our robust collection of the worlds's finest lab created, laboratory grown, synthetic, simulated and man made gems. Whether you are seeking the best alternative to a fine quality diamond that has great color, cut, symmetry and clarity or the allure of a gem quality precious simulant to a red ruby, blue sapphire or green emerald, Ziamond has the perfect option for you. All our lab created gems, that simulate their genuine and naturally mined counterparts, are the epitome in color and clarity of what Mother Nature would deliver if imperfections were never present. Currently we offer our high quality diamond look Russian formula cubic zirconia in colorless white diamond look, canary yellow diamond look, and pink diamond look. Our precious stone alternatives are available in synthetic corundum red ruby, synthetic corundum blue sapphire and lab created green emerald simulants. All stones are hand cut and hand polished to fine gem quality specifications. They can be worn and cleaned just like their natural counterparts with regular jewelry cleaner and come with Ziamond's generous lifetime warranty against cracking, scratching, chipping, fading or loss of luster or brilliance for as long as you own it, under normal wear as described in the Ziamond Warranty Policy. Custom stone cutting services are also available. If you need a size and shape that we do not show on our site, contact us with your specifications and we can provide a quote for a custom cut stone. All Ziamond loose stones stones are a final sale, please see our policies page for our complete terms and conditions. You can also contact one of our specialists via Live Chat or call 1-866-942-6663 to discuss your needs in depth or simply to ask a question to better understand our quality and our process.
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