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Posted by ZK on Sep 12th 2023

What Is An Eternity Band?

What Is An Eternity Band?

What Is An Eternity Band Ring?

Are you looking for the perfect wedding band to commemorate your special day? If so, look no further than the timeless elegance of an eternity band wedding ring. A diamond eternity band is a type of ring that has a full circle of diamonds all the way around. They are usually set in 14K gold, 18K gold, or platinum. Eternity rings are often used as a traditional wedding ring, a wedding anniversary ring, a right-hand ring, or even as a push present to celebrate the birth of a first child. The eternity style rings worn as wedding rings are also a popular item for men as well. Many men want to wear a coordinating diamond wedding band. There are many versions of an eternity band and each eternity ring offers a unique look and feel that can be tailored to the individual wearer’s style.

An eternity ring is a stunning choice for couples who want to express their unconditional love and commitment to one another. From its classic design to its different setting styles, this ring will be a cherished symbol of everlasting love and your bond for many years to come. Read on to learn more about the history of an eternity ring, how to wear them, different eternity ring setting styles, stone shape options, and the pros and cons of eternity rings.

The History and Meaning of Eternity Rings

The eternity ring has become one of the most popular symbols of everlasting love and commitment when it comes to a piece of jewelry. The term “eternity ring” itself was first coined in the mid-19th century. It was a way to describe a type of wedding ring, although the concept of a ring that symbolizes eternity predates this. Eternity rings have been a part of human culture since ancient times. Many societies, including the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks, gave them as symbols of devotion.
The earliest recorded evidence of these styles of rings dates back to ancient Egypt. They were used to signify eternal love. The Egyptians believed that an eternity ring was a type of magical circle that represented the eternal bond between two people. It also signified a pledge of their love and devotion. The rings were usually made from gold and encircled with hieroglyphs that were thought to have special meanings.
The Romans also had a version of the eternity ring, which was made from gold and had a diamond set in the center. It was known as the “ring of eternity” and was given as a sign of commitment and loyalty. The Romans believed that the diamond was a representation of eternity, as diamonds were thought to last forever.
The Greeks also had their own version of an eternity ring. These rings were typically made from silver and featured a design that was symbolic of eternity. They were given as a gift to signify a commitment to a relationship. They were often inscribed with meaningful words such as “eternity,” “trust,” and “love.”
Throughout the centuries, eternity rings have been used to symbolize many different things, from eternal love and loyalty to friendship and commitment. Today, they are still a very popular choice for wedding rings and are often customized with a special gemstone or design.

Eternity rings have become a popular choice for a range of occasions. A gift of an eternity ring is often given for an engagement ring, wedding ring, or promise ring. They are also gifted as push presents or mommy presents to commemorate the birth of a child or even as an anniversary gift to celebrate eternal love and life. The traditional style of an the eternity is made up of an unbroken circle of small diamonds, each representing a symbol of eternal love. The meaning behind this type of ring was that the unbroken circle would never be broken and would stand the test of time.

How to Wear an Eternity Ring and Choose an Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is often worn on the finger of the left hand or left-hand ring finger. This is because the ring finger is thought to be the closest to the heart, making it the perfect place to show off your commitment and love. However, they can be worn on any finger you choose, depending on your personal preference. Many people wear eternity bands on their index finger, the middle finger, a pinky ring, and even a thumb ring. Another popular option is to wear multiple eternity rings together on the same finger as stackable eternity bands. The various ways they are worn are examples of how they add a unique and personal touch to your look. With a little creativity, you can create a wedding look that is truly unique and eye-catching. Below are just a few tips on how to wear an eternity band:

You can wear your eternity band on its own. The eternity ring is a ring that is stunningly simple and elegant when worn on its own. Wear it on your wedding finger and team it up with a solitaire engagement ring to make your own statement of a unique bridal wedding set. Another popular choice for eternity bands is to stack multiple bands together, this is called "creating your own personal stack".

Match the metals. Eternity bands and wedding rings come in a variety of metals. Take the time to match the metal of your eternity rings with the rest of your jewelry. This will help create a cohesive look, and the metals will coordinate with your wedding look. Alternatively, mixing and matching metals is a popular way to wear your rings to customize your personal look.

Mix and match sizes. When it comes to eternity bands and wedding bands, size matters. Mix and match sizes to create a unique texture and look. When creating your stack of eternity bands, a combination of small and large stones will add depth and texture, while a combination of thicker and thinner bands will create a more delicate and intricate look.

Wear it all together. If you want to make a bolder statement, wearing all of your eternity and wedding bands together is a great way to do it. Put them all on one finger and let them stack to create a stunning and unique look. Or, wear all of your rings on one finger and let them stack for a dramatic effect.

Diamond Eternity Ring Setting Styles

When it comes to eternity band setting styles, there are many options to choose from. From single to double prong eternity settings, shared prong and U-prong settings to channel and bezel set styles, the possibilities are endless.

A shared single-prong setting is a classic option and is perfect for those looking for a simple and elegant look. This style features one diamond prong set between the center of each stone. This setting style beautifully highlights each stone by showing only a minimal amount of metal. The downside of this setting is that there is only one prong between two stones, so you have less metal securing your gems.

The shared double-prong setting is similar to the single-prong setting but features two prongs instead of one. This is a great choice if you want to add more style to the ring. Usually, the two prongs are inset between the two stones, which reveals a more scalloped or shapely contour of the gems. This style is also referred to as the shared prong setting.

The U-prong setting is a unique and eye-catching design. This style of setting features two shared U-shaped prongs that frame each diamond, giving the ring a distinctive look. The U-shaped prongs that sweep below each stone add an organic flow to the eternity band design.

The channel set eternity band is a popular design. It features diamonds that are set into a channel that runs along the length of the ring. This style is perfect for those who like a more modern, contemporary look. Some say the channel setting is safer for your stones because there is a wall of metal on both sides of your gems and the gems are typically set lower into the channels.

The Eternity Solitaire is also a great option. It features an eternity band with stones that go all the way around your finger, with a larger main stone as a solitaire. Many women wear this style as an engagement ring and wedding ring all in one. And to take it to another level, they may add another single eternity band or multiple bands to enhance the eternity solitaire.

The pavé set eternity band is a very tailored and classy style of setting for the eternity band. It is originally a technique perfected in Europe. It features smaller diamonds that are set very close together and held in by small beads raised from the metal of the ring. This provides an overall look of a fully encrusted band that looks like it was "paved" on diamonds.

Finally, the bezel set eternity band is a stunning and timeless choice as well. The bezel setting features a single diamond that is set in a frame of precious metal, referred to as a bezel. The bezel provides a bold look, great protection for your gems, and a modern look.

No matter which setting style you choose, an eternity band is sure to be a timeless, beautiful piece of jewelry that will be cherished for years to come. With so many different setting styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect eternity band setting to suit your personal style and budget.

Eternity Band Diamond Shape Choices

When shopping for eternity rings, you may have noticed that some are shaped differently than others. The round is one of the most popular shapes for eternity bands. Its elegant shape creates a traditional and timeless look. While most eternity bands are round, there are many shapes available for eternity bands, including emerald cut diamond, cushion cut, elongated cushion cut, Asscher cut, oval, pear, marquise, baguette, heart, and princess cut eternity bands. Some people like to select a shape of stone in their eternity band that matches or compliments the main shape of the center stone in the solitaire of their engagement ring.

When considering stone shapes, keep in mind that a band with larger diamonds may not be as comfortable to wear as one with smaller stones. It’s important to remember that shape isn’t the only factor to consider when shopping for an eternity diamond ring. Pay close attention to the quality, cut, and other aspects of the diamond to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

No matter the shape of stone or style you choose to wear, there’s a shape out there to suit your diamond eternity ring needs. Whether you prefer a classic round or something more unique like a princess cut, there are a variety of shapes available for eternity bands to make your ring sparkle and shine.

Pros and Cons of Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry worn by couples to symbolize their love. But what are the pros and cons of eternity rings? To help you decide if they’re right for you, here’s a comprehensive look at the pros and cons.


Durability: Eternity rings are typically designed to be strong and long-lasting. They’re usually made from durable precious metals like 14K gold and platinum which are all highly resistant to scratches and wear and tear. Take into consideration the construction of your ring. Softer metals like 18k gold can wear down easier and faster, resulting in a higher cost of ownership due to repairs over time.

Versatility: Eternity rings come in many different styles and designs. From simple, classic bands to intricate, ornate designs, there’s a style to suit everyone’s taste. Wear your eternity ring any way you like, they can be mixed matched with so many other ring styles.

Best Precious Metal Options: 14K gold and platinum are the most popular metals used in eternity rings. 18 Karat is also an option, but because it is a softer metal, may not lend itself to every eternity ring style. Gold is timeless and elegant, while platinum is strong and durable. All three metal options make an attractive choice. Keep in mind that eternity bands may require an inspection for loose or missing stones since they are exposed to a lot of real-world activity. The stones go all the way around and activities like grabbing, lifting, twisting, and grasping with the hand or finger you wear the ring on can add extra wear and tear to your eternity ring.

Best Stone Options: Diamonds are the most popular choice for stones in eternity rings. Other stones like diamond simulants, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds can also be used around the ring instead of a traditional ring with diamonds.


Price: Eternity rings can be expensive, depending on the type of metal and the quality of gemstones used. How much you spend on an eternity ring can be a factor if you’re on a tight budget. It might be best to go for something simpler like an anniversary band or a half-eternity ring instead of a full eternity ring.

Maintenance: Eternity rings require regular maintenance. You’ll need to have them professionally cleaned and polished at least once every few months to keep them looking their best and to make sure your stones are tight and prongs are all intact. You can also bend an eternity band if too much force is exerted on it.

Resizing: Eternity rings aren't for everyone as a ring with stones that are set all the way around is usually not resizable. This means that you’ll have to buy a new one if your ring size changes. Certain styles of eternity bands styles can be adjusted up or down slightly by an experienced jeweler. Sometimes there are tweaks and adjustments that a creative and experienced jeweler can do to adjust your ring allowing you to continue to wear your eternity band.

Buy an Eternity Ring

Overall, eternity rings are a beautiful and meaningful way to symbolize your everlasting love that continues into infinity. They can be a great choice for couples who want a timeless piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime. Whether you choose 14K gold, 18K gold or platinum, and diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or emeralds, your eternity ring will be an eternal reminder of your love.

At Ziamond, we have a variety of eternity bands that are sometimes called infinity rings. They can be tailored to your individual style and preferences and also used instead of a traditional wedding ring. From classic styles to intricate designs that are perfect for any occasion. Our eternity bands come in a range of shapes, sizes, and styles to fit any taste and budget. They are even made as eternity band solitaires, which combines the traditional eternity band style with a prominent solitaire that is set on top. With our high-quality craftsmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can be sure that you are getting a timeless symbol of love and commitment that will stand the test of time. Visit our Eternity Band Collection to shop a plethora of designs that feature the finest lab-grown diamond simulant cubic zirconia, all set in precious metals like 14k gold, 18k gold or luxurious platinum.

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