Round Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone

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Ziamond's round lab-grown diamond alternative cubic zirconia loose stones are the finest lab created laboratory grown diamond simulants available. The round shape, also known as the brilliant cut, has set the standard for all other shapes, and is so popular, that it accounts for more than 75% of all genuine diamond shapes sold today. Our exquisite brilliantly cut round lab-grown diamond look cubic zirconia loose stones have a 58 facet cut, divided among its crown (top), girdle (widest part) and pavilion (base), is calibrated through a precise formula to achieve the maximum in fire and brilliance. The round is regarded, by many experts, as the epitome of all gem shapes. Due to its precision proportions, it remains the most brilliant of all shapes. Choose your preferred size and color among the options listed. If you do not see the size you are looking for, we offer custom gem cutting services via special order. Simply e-mail us at with your exact requirements, and we will provide you with a quote. If you would like us to duplicate your diamond, for travel or insurance purposes, simply send us a copy of your written appraisal with the required dimensions, and Ziamond will hand cut a replica cubic zirconia loose stone to those exact dimensions. There are no returns on all loose stones, they are a final sale, see the policies page for our terms and conditions.


  • Large selection of carat sizes available, see menu options - .25 ct. 4mm, .38 ct. 4.5mm, .50 ct. 5mm, .63 ct. 5.5mm, .75 ct. 6mm, 1 ct. 6.5mm, 1.25 ct. 7mm, 1.50 ct. 7.5mm, 2 ct. 8mm, 2.50 ct. 9mm, 3 ct. 9.5mm, 3.50 ct. 10mm, 4 ct. 11mm, 5.50 ct. 12mm, 7 ct. 13mm, 8.50 ct. 14mm, 11 ct. 15mm
  • Lab created lab-grown diamond simulant Russian formula cubic zirconia
  • Color D, Clarity Flawless
  • 58 brilliant facets
  • Cut and polished to genuine mined diamond specifications
  • Larger carat sizes available
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Custom stone cutting services via special order - simply call, live chat or email us 
  • Questions? Live Chat with representatives or call 1-866-942-6663

The Ziamond Distinction

  • Lifetime Guarantee on all Ziamond gems
  • Finest high quality hand cut, hand polished Russian formula lab created diamond look cubic zirconia
  • Available in various colors of lab created gems - white diamond look, canary yellow diamond look, pink diamond look, red ruby, blue sapphire and green emerald
  • Wear, care and clean like genuine mined diamonds
  • Over 100 years combined fine jewelry experience, on-line for more than 20 years 
  • Experienced and knowledgable staff ready to assist with your questions or custom designs 
64 reviews
  • Better than spending over $20K 5

    Posted by Melinda D. on Oct 30th 2022

    I bought a 3 carat round and I love it. Looks fantastic and had it set into a ring I already owned.

  • More beautiful than I thought it wouldbe 5

    Posted by Alice on Sep 29th 2022

    I lost the center diamond in a ring I had and replaced it with a Ziamond. The stone looks terrific alongside the real diamond in the ring. I can't tell the difference.

  • Amazingly real looking 5

    Posted by Herman Blanco on Sep 11th 2022

    Took our 3 carat Ziamond to the jeweler to set it in a diamond semi-mount ring. The jeweler was amazed at how good the Ziamond looked. He stated he had never seen a cz with so much brilliance and exceptional faceting. I think we made a wise choice.

  • Overall happy 4

    Posted by Jayleen Cruickshank on Jul 26th 2022

    I ordered a 2 carat but it did not fit in my ring mount, it was too big. I'll just have it mounted in a pendant or something. The stone itself is very nice though.

  • Nicer than I expected 5

    Posted by Demetra H. on Jun 13th 2022

    The stone is very bright and has a lot of facets. I had it set into a ring that lost a diamond and no one can tell.

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